Axe Wax
Premium Guitar Care

Axe Wax provides premium guitar care that will shine, seal and protect your prized instrument.

Using our all Vegan formulation with the finest ingredients, highest quality Brazilian Carnauba wax and superior blend of oils.

Axe wax is specifically formulated to use on all finishes of electric & acoustic guitars, including, clear coats, nitrocellulose & polyurethane coatings. Axe Wax is also suitable for bare wood and untreated surfaces giving a long lasting, durable and natural looking shine.

Axe Wax is quick and easy to apply and 100% non-abrasive.

  • No Mess Application
  • Non-Abrasive Formula
  • UV Protection and protection from sun damage
  • Moisture Protection
  • Sweet Candy Scent / Vanilla Bourbon (.76)
  • Shields from dirt
  • Helps mask imperfections
  • Makes your guitar super shiny
  • Creates a super smooth surface
  • Vegan No Beeswax Formula


If You Love Your Guitar, Make It Shine, & Wax That Axe

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Animal friendly
and all Vegan formula

If you are interested in selling Axe Wax in your music store we would love to hear from you.